Our services are all-encompassing and our approach is multifaceted to ensure that every client receives an art program specifically tailored to their needs.

Services include:

  • Master Planning
  • Budget Allocation
  • Consulting and Design
  • Art Sourcing and Procurement
  • Site Specific Art Commissions
  • Local and National Project Management
  • History Walls
  • Custom Framing, Re-framing and Refurbishment
  • Pick-up, Delivery and Shipping
  • Local and National Installation
  • Asset Management

Creation of client-centered art programs requires the smallest details be meticulously overseen

  • We take the time to listen and learn about our client’s wants, needs and expectations as well as research the history and demographics of their community, identify local art resources and review architectural plans and renderings.
  • We give practical guidance in defining art goals, establishing a timeline and budget, commissioning original artwork and encouraging community participation. 
  • We use our experience and the guiding principles of evidence-based design to create art programs that comfort, distract, nurture and inspire the patient, their family members, caregivers and staff.

Art Consultants Chicago